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Mark Brafield ~
Clinical Hypnotherapy


I am a clinical hypnotherapist practicing solution – focused therapy. I work with all types and ages of people who simply want to change something in their lives. They may want to leave behind an old behaviour (such as smoking or a phobia), or work towards a new behaviour (such as greater confidence or freedom from anxiety). I help them to do that using hypnosis.

I hold a Diploma in Solution – Focused Hypnotherapy and the Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma of the National Council for Hypnotherapy, having trained with the Clifton School, recognised as a ‘gold standard’ training. I am insured to practice with a clear DBS certificate and am professionally required to undertake clinical supervision and continuing education each year.

Solution – focused therapy concentrates on where you are and what you want to achieve. Unlike psychodynamic therapies, we do not spend time ‘digging up the past’ as this can often simply reinforce painful or distressing memories. Instead, we constantly look to the future in simple, practical ways, and then model them in hypnosis, exploring what they would look and feel like. The brain cannot tell the difference between imagination and reality, so if you can imagine what the future will be like, your brain is already halfway there.

Hypnosis can be effective with any condition that derives from stress, or in which an attitude of mind plays a part. As well as working specifically with anxiety and depression, I have treated phobias, fear of driving, incontinence, smoking withdrawal, examination and workplace stress, anger and pain management, nervous tics, bereavement, over-eating, alcohol management and chronic fatigue syndrome. I have a particular interest in working with musicians and other artists to overcome performance anxiety and other creative blocks, and in working with skin disorders.


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I would be delighted to discuss how hypnotherapy may be able to help you and can be contacted at 01306 880467 alternatively at

You can read more about my work and how hypnosis works on my website,, together with my blog exploring more of my interests.

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